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New York Theater City
View form the 11th Avenue

New York Theater City

Object of the competition is to develop a theater with 4 rooms for about 2200 spectators. The property is located in Lower Manhattan bounded by 11th and 12th Avenue and 30th and 33rd street, right on the Hudson River. Significant objects of interest nearby are the Javitts Conventional Center, Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. Central Park is about an hour away. The site is also near the Chelsea District, filled with numerous art galleries.

51 532 square meters of perhaps the most expensive country in the world are currently a depot for old trains and subway cars. Eventually this vast area to be economically better exploited, there has to be flexible as much as possible, with a mixed use between a theater, offices and residential buildings.

Since the intersection of 11th Avenue and 33rd Street is 3 meters higher than the other three corners of the plot, we built the whole system on a 3-meter-high platform. The living area is raised by another 4 meters, to the High Line level. The areas under these platforms can be used as retail space.

The theater and office buildings are also connected with the High Line, the main entrances are located on the Highline Niveu, but they can also be reached by the underground car parks. These buildings collar over the High Line, so that the High Line is partly covered. The theater is in the middle with the forecourt of the property joined by a flight of steps that can take over the various events on the pitch at the same function of the grandstand.

The whole complex is designed in stages. The amount of development takes off in the direction of Hudson river, so that more flats and offices have a Hudson River view. The buildings are 19-40 storeys high (66.5 to 140 meters), which effectively means a floor area of a total of 515 525 m². According to a calculation of the sales and rental prices, we estimate that all homes and offices can be sold for more than $ 6.4 billion or rented for about $ 40 million a month.


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